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Community Service Environmental Action & Anti-Bullying Campaign | International Relations Department & Pharmacy Department | Nahdlatul Ulama University of East Kalimantan

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Samarinda  (24/09/2022)  Socializing Goal 13 : Climate Action for Sustainable Development

Editor : Annisa Kirana Andaneswari

              International Relations (IR) Department of University Nahdlatul Ulama, East Kalimantan has been actively encouraging community service as the embodiment of Tri Dharma of Indonesian Higher Education. Saturday, 24th of September 2022, IR & Pharmacy Department collaboratively conducted a community service by socializing recent prominent topics: climate change and bullying. This community service is attended by 50 students from Mujahidin Madrasah and is expected to raise awareness on the respective issues. Yusnan Hadi, M.Si carried a first topic by socializing Goal 13 of a climate action. “We need to stand up for a safer climate and it can be started from small thing such as using tumblr, consume less electricity and using public transportation” (Yusnan, 2022) Small things multiplied in collective action might have a greater impact for our society.

             Some of us maybe have not experienced the effects of climate change firsthand, in the form of more extreme weather condition but it doesn’t mean that our world is in a good condition. As the world faces an unprecedented climate crisis, too bad that some people are reluctant to care about the sustainability of the future generation. Some others even come up with a selfish idea by moving to outter space because the world is broken and too old. According to Yusnan, people need to do a real action for the future generation. “Whatever action you take againts the climate change, whether you want to lobby your government for change, or join a climate protest along the road , or simply reduce plastic waste just do something and don’t be ignorant to this issue” (Yusnan.2022).


Anti-Bullying Campaign with Mariani M.Pd

Editor : Annisa Kirana Andaneswari

               Mariani, M.Pd carried anti-bullying campaign to serve this collaborative community service. Mariani concerned about the practices of bullying at school which often being overlooked by parents, students or even teachers at school. Bullying has become a common word amongst school age children. However, this word is often misunderstood with others action. According to expert bullying is a repeated action by an individual or group of people with the intent to harm either physically or mentally. “Therefore, bullying is a pattern of repeated violence act rather than an isolated incident” (Mariani, 2022).

             According to experts there are 4 types of bullying that need to be anticipated: physical bullying, social bullying, verbal bullying, and cyber bullying. “The physical bullying might be obvious but the rest of it cannot be seen clearly. Even excluding a friend from peers interaction can be considered as social bullying” (Mariani, 2022). Interestingly, children who bully her/his friends are actually the one who need help the most. These children are being a bully to cover his/her weakness, his self-esteem issue or other domestic issues at home.

                 Thus, according to Mariani, it is important to have a root cause analysis in handling bullies. Instead of only concern to the victims. teachers need to observe the perpetrator as well. Apparently, Student of MA Mujahidin able to reflect their own behavior at school whether it is considered as being mean or bully. Whatever it is, the students commit to be a positive role at school just like Mariani suggested to. Furthermore, Mariani also suggested students for not being a bystander when facing bullying action. “It is important to be a positive role model. Even if children are not victims of bullying, they can prevent bullying by being inclusive, respectful and kind to their peers” (Mariani, 2022)

             Last but not least, Mariani explained how parents should react when their kids are being a victim of bully. Mariani urge parents to observe children’s emotional state, as some children may not express their issues verbally. There some signs that victim of bullying might have such as physical bruises, scratches, broken bones and wounds. Some children also fear of going to school, avoiding social interaction and many more.


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